Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fix that Synthetic Brush!

Do you have good synthetic brushes with curled back ends?
Here is something that may help *if they are not beyond repair.

  1. Clean the brush thoroughly to remove any mediums or paint
  2. Get a Pyrex measuring cup, fill with about an inch and a half of water - or enough that you can dip the full length of the bristles. 
  3. WITHOUT the brush, bring the water just to a boil  
  4. Carefully remove Pyrex cup from Microwave (water can flash boil when moved) 
  5. dip the tip of the afflicted brush into the hot water for a few seconds 
  6. Squeeze out the water with a pad of paper towels over your fingers (careful, it is HOT) 
  7. Dip your warm brush into Gum Arabic - smooth and shape the warm bristles with your fingers  
  8. Allow to dry 
Always thoroughly clean and reshape your brushes with a good brush soap after each use to maintain their shape.

If your brush bristles are curled or bent beyond repair - use it for a "special effects" brush!