Saturday, August 24, 2013

Why use QR scans? What the heck are they???

I created a QR code scan to place in my newsletter and in Flyers advertising my workshops.

What is A QR code? (Quick Response Code) It is probably best described in Wikipedia: wikipedia QR_code

In brief, it is a URL within a matrix box that can be scanned by a program on your cell phone to lead you to just about any place or document on the internet!

On my cell phone:
To create and read codes, I downloaded a program called "QRDroid" But there are many selections on the internet - pick the one that sounds the best for you and your phone. Use your program choice to create QRcodes on your phone or on your computer.

If I just want to make a brief statement about my upcoming classes but want the rest of the info available... I will put on the QR that I made for my class ad. If customers are reading the info on their computer, they can scan the QR with their cell and download the pdf with all of my class info, or a list of needed supplies for a workshop, etc. thus avoiding the potential waste of reams of paper!

I put the QR on my Art class/workshop flyers so people can very simply have my class info in their phone.
Go ahead and scan the QR below and see how it works! It is a nice way to get a supply list out to students who drop by the store and forgot it, saves on paper and INK !

PS - Don't forget to give your QR code a title!

Example idea:
I can create a window flyer containing a few brief sentences in bold print with dates about upcoming classes and workshops - then insert the Code for the full page of info.

It is much more convenient to have a PDF on the phone for instant access than to have a stack of paper to keep track of- PLUS- if you find you are not interested, you can just delete it and not carry the guilt of tossing a tree! ;)