Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Artwork as a TV set prop?

I have just joined the ABC Studios Licensing Program giving ABC and Disney permission to use my artworks when designing sets for popular TV shows.

Who knows, my artwork could be used as set decorations or props in upcoming TV episodes!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lost or cannot find your Creative Edge?

Sometimes looking at too much art can have a reverse effect.

Ofttimes, viewing loads of new art will stimulate creativity, but in some situations, it can also stifle or confuse it. Especially for a new artist.

Couple of thoughts: - a newer artist may become confused to their own creative identity when they become oversaturated by a huge range of art, style and mediums they admire.

It is fun to feel that rush of wanting to try it all - but at the end of the day, especially as a newer artist, it helps to remain focused. Nothing wrong with creating in different styles or mediums, and most artists can eventually do this, but at first, start with a medium you enjoy and keep working with it. Later, after you have somewhat mastered the medium, branch out and try something else if you want to.

Side note: Mostly, it is important to understand if it is the medium you do not like or cannot master, or is it the lack of basic drawing and compositional skills that keeps creeping into your finished artwork? Even a lack of basic color theory can ruin an otherwise good painting.

 It is a good thing to saturate oneself with gallery art (online or off), but then take a longer period where you do not stimulate your brain with outside images and videos of art.
Being overexposed can or may confuse you as to what type of artist you want to be, what art to paint, what medium you like, etc.

A professional artist can usually be recognized by their medium, style or subject.

Put all the stuff away, stop searching the internet for a minute and go back to what makes you happy and what really pleases you to look at. What subject do you really enjoy drawing or painting? Are you comfortable with the medium - think about the answers to why or why not. Also, put a huge buffer between yourself and any non-constructive-negative comments you have heard concerning your art. Negative comments can ruin an upcoming artist faster than anything. You have to get a thick skin and learn to separate constructive comments from the non. Do not try to please everyone by painting everything and every style. Only experiment with different mediums and styles when YOU feel the urge.

Once you have made your mind what to paint, in what medium and in your own style (even if you are not quite sure what that is yet), then you can do a bit of research on the subject matter to get details, etc. But be careful not to become distracted from your mission!

I always say you finish a painting in the last 15 minutes! Don't look at it as if you cannot continue to work on a piece if you are dissatisfied with the current results.

hope this helps.
feel free to ask questions on this topic or others