Wednesday, August 3, 2011

EXPERIMENT TIME!!! - get rid of the Blas, Blues, Slumps and doldrums!

Try this: [disclaimer: this is just for fun, I am not a doctor or psychiatrist. This is not real advice and is just positive self-reinforcement practice]

I Watched a TV program where a hypnotist guest said something similar to this only I added my twists to it..  lol:

  1. get comfy, relax and close your eyes
  2. hold both hands palms up in front of you
  3. imagine all the good/positive things connected to getting in your studio and painting in the right hand
  4. pause n reflect ..  really feel it and think about the good...
  5. imagine all the negativity and things that stop you in the left hand -your fears, tiredness, can't-do-it-ness, etc.
  6. pause n reflect ..  really feel it and think about the negative vibes

NOW - while still extended out in front of you... place the palm of the left hand into the palm of the right hand and feel the two co-exist in harmony - All of the fear of the negativity is balanced by all of the good and positive.  while holding this position...Realize what the fears really are and why they tend to stop you from being creative and really think about the positive and how it feels to be successful (think of an actual successful and satisfying moment). Where was this negativity when you felt that positive successful feeling... And which was right - positive, negative or a combination of both.  

pause n reflect ..  - really feel the mix and balance of the two coexisting and one not overshadowing the other.

NOW- bring those two cupped hands to the center of your chest and hold them there---  integrate them into your whole body .... feel them working together and no longer fighting - the negativity becomes smaller and is more like a guide to keep you safe and not overdo. But the good is warm and flows through your body like renewed creativity.

pause n reflect .. - really feel the two working together through your whole body and mind - see it working - visualize yourself creating and being happy and the negativity is in the background as just a supporter to help you do it! rather than a larger than life block from doing it...

Now, open your eyes and look in a mirror -  SMILE!  Think all the creative thoughts you desire and your negative side will NOT put you down or tell you that you "can't"  Instead it will support  and give you a balance and energize you to get going!  

Do this every day and multiple times a day as needed until you really feel and understand this balance of positive and negative and believe that you can be creative without judgement, criticism and negativity from yourself.  Positive reinforcement works - 

  • Every time you see your reflection tell yourself something positive aloud (forever)
  • You can change up the above wording to fit any issue in your life -
  • May the Force be with you!!  :)


*Let me know how it worked for you!!   ;)