Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Little Bird: Linoleum Block-cut Project

I have sketched the outlines of the birds on a 3x5 linoleum block...  from here... we shall see...   the third little bird gets kind of scrunched, so I may not carve him.   I will decide when i get there... 
Right now, in this stage, I am thinking of carving out the upper area behind the birds   As well as carving out the area beneath the birds.  
For the inner areas of the birds, I might scratch in details and do a little carving 
I am thinking of using hot-press w/c paper to print on.

before a final printing, I will stamp a light outline of the birds where I want them and use masking to keep the area white.

then, i might create with watercolor a sky like area for above the birds and foliage type area for below.  Just in colors, not actual details.


OK -Ready to start reducing the background area- I chose a small u shaped tool for this because there are leaves in the background.
I have also started scratching out the outline of the first bird. I want these first two birds to be nice and fat and if I have to turn the third bird into foliage, that is fine..

Dividing the two birds

fun fun fun...

I am also doing a Bicycle Linoleum-cut you can view here: Bicycle Block Cut


BICYCLES: Linoleum Block-cut Project

BICYCLES: Linoleum Block Cut Project
3x5 speedball linoleum block
variety of sharp lino cutting tools
pencil to sketch on design

I have used a 3x5 block and divided it in half and sketched part of a fantasy bike on each half. (use your imagination or sketch from your photo)

 This blog will demonstrate cutting images into the linoleum. 

Note, you can leave some of the background to make a pattern or you can dig it all out, it's up to you.

I am doing this quickie lino-cut project in a demonstration for my students - thought you might enjoy seeing it here too.  cj

Please view 
Little Bird Lino Cut