Tuesday, June 24, 2014

BICYCLES: Linoleum Block-cut Project

BICYCLES: Linoleum Block Cut Project
3x5 speedball linoleum block
variety of sharp lino cutting tools
pencil to sketch on design
My first lino-project will be bicycles
I have used a 3x5 block and divided it in half and sketched part of a fantasy bike on each half. (i.e. not completely realistic).
bicycles: PART ONE: This first part of the blog will demonstrate the cutting of these first two images into the linoleum. 
bicycles: PART TWO: The next part will demonstrate creating some colorful papers to print it on
bicycles: PART THREE: Finally, I will use my cuts to print.
I am doing this quickie lino-cut project in a demonstration for my students - thought you might enjoy seeing it here too.  cj

Please view 
Little Bird Lino Cut

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