Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Little Bird: Linoleum Block-cut Project

I have sketched the outlines of the birds on a 3x5 linoleum block...  from here... we shall see...   the third little bird gets kind of scrunched, so I may not carve him.   I will decide when i get there... 
Right now, in this stage, I am thinking of carving out the upper area behind the birds   As well as carving out the area beneath the birds.  
For the inner areas of the birds, I might scratch in details and do a little carving 
I am thinking of using hot-press w/c paper to print on.

before a final printing, I will stamp a light outline of the birds where I want them and use masking to keep the area white.

then, i might create with watercolor a sky like area for above the birds and foliage type area for below.  Just in colors, not actual details.


OK -Ready to start reducing the background area- I chose a small u shaped tool for this because there are leaves in the background.
I have also started scratching out the outline of the first bird. I want these first two birds to be nice and fat and if I have to turn the third bird into foliage, that is fine..

Dividing the two birds

fun fun fun...

I am also doing a Bicycle Linoleum-cut you can view here: Bicycle Block Cut


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