Saturday, September 25, 2010

Abstract Art Is Not Without Rules

Abstract painting takes a well schooled  (self-taught and otherwise) artist. It is my contention that you have to KNOW THE RULES before you can efficiently break them. YES, there can be one hit wonders that have happy accidents, but for the most part, abstract artists know what they are doing and know where they are going in the moment they are painting it. 
We are fed propaganda that abstract painters are sloppy renegades with total disregard for the rules and formalities of art.  They are somewhat crazy, maybe even missing an ear - oh wait, wrong guy!!  lol   

"Abstract Art is Heightened Realism"  -cj rider

While we do not as artists desire to paint to match someones drapes or sofa,  Abstract art does follow the normal niceties of color harmony, elemental balance, focal point, etc.  

All of the factors that make a realistic painting "good" will be found in an abstract painting.  

Sometimes it isn't as clear cut or easy to follow the rules in an abstract. After all, you will not be using conventional objects as the markers for depth perception,  color selection, etc.  Sometimes the artist can have a whole abstract arrangement in mind or the imagery, content and "rules" will emerge from the painting itself to create a balanced whole.

Abstract art can provide limitless freedom, but it cannot be without rules or there would be chaos.

My thought is that Abstract art is a natural well that springs from an artist's imagination created by their cumulitive painting experiences.  The abstract artist utilizes the basic rules of design, composition, color to create something new from within.  

Often the abstractist has to endure the wrath or the quiet dismissal of art critics and collectors. 
Abstract Art created without some defined rules is just a canvas and paint.

Good Abstract is by design, carefully orchestrated by the artist!
Article and quotes ©CJ Rider