Sunday, February 3, 2013

CRITIQUE 11- Rocky Pass

QUESTION from Magga RĂ³sa:    Would you be kind enough to tell me what I can do with this one. I´m a bit bored with it.

 Is the sky too blue?  Should I put a flying seabird in front of the painting, to make it more interesting?


Lovely painting!! 
My idea would be to lead the viewer through your painting using value and bright color pops. 

To test your Bird idea: You could also cut a small bird in a correct size for placement out of paper (believable color) and place him around in appropriate areas of your painting to see if he would add or detract.  

My gut feeling is he would detract from or steal the scene.  But you don't know until you test it out.

with some direct painting, I would enhance the sky behind and water in front of the pass through the rocks. Here is an image with a few notes:

Why I edited color and value to make a story and path for the eye to follow:

1. The eye enters the painting gently from the front edge and is gently lead to the pass via color and higher values... 2. you pass through and the brighter sky over the left hump makes you glance, 3. but the longer area of bright blue sky and swoop of the rock on the right leads you to the right side of the painting.  4. A secondary opening is between the right rock and the series of 3 rocks.  I have grayed down the right hand sky and water to hold the eye within the painting.  5. you pass back to the front of the painting on the right side through the grayed areas of the sky and water... 6. you may look all the way to the front left but the grayed water is such that your eye goes back to the values and bright color leading you back through the opening. 

see the ideas below in the edited image minus the text:

I do over-accentuate my ideas via photoshop -  you actually may not want the changes to be this drastic..  ;)

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