Sunday, February 3, 2013

CRITIQUE 2 - MOOving the Cows!

images below are copyright protected to Artist Ann Cam and are not for use other than in this post as a learning tool.

The main question artist Ann asked about this painting was concerning the placement of the cows. 
Secondly, Ann stated that she is not yet finished with the shadows.

The cows and the curve of the driveway tend to divide the painting into a lower and upper section.
Although I know they do pose for the camera when you walk up to take their pic,
we do not want them to feel posed in our painting. So they need some adjustment to better fit their environment.

Critique solution to the placement of cows, their shadows,
barn, driveway, and tr
ee removal on right.
Image below:

 For interesting composition, create variation in size, spacing and orientation

 I moved 2 cows further to the left. The center cow's tail-end was "kissing" the driveway edge so I placed him lower in the scene. The cow on the left was raised to break through the centerline and was angled slightly so his broadside doesn't block the viewer's entry into the scene.  I would further paint that large grassy area, lighter toward center and top to further draw the eye into the painting.  Maybe put a flicking tail on the little center cow so his rear edge isn't so flat.


 This piece could be two paintings... one of cows 

and one of a barn scene which is why I brought the one cow up into the driveway as well as re-angled the driveway

 Here is another potential solution with the addition of cows: 

Ann, I hope this info gave you some ideas on where you might place your cows, etc.

Thank you for allowing me to Critique your artwork -
Best Regards, CJ
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