Sunday, February 3, 2013

CRITIQUE 5 - De-clutter Photo

images below are copyright protected to Artist Karen Sliwinski and are not for use other than in this post as a learning tool.

Karen stated that when turning her photo into a painting there were so many componants that it was difficult to discern the center of interest. She also asked about value variation.
Looks GREAT! Love the way you are painting the figures as well as the foliage!

First task is to clear away some of the distractions and see what remains.

ABOVE: Removed extras and added foliage vingette on lower right edge - but note how the tree trunks come to an end right between the man and woman. Even though they are small, the woman's face is important. it is very detracting to have her facial profile lining up with the tree edge. Also, the base of the tree creates a line of sight across her neck, visually decapitating her.

Do not place strong value changes (or light against dark) in areas that are not your main focal point. The viewers eye will be distracted by high contrasting values, colors details and so on.

BELOW: remove distant point, and tree trunk between people - some subtle left edge tree trunks could probably be left in - I would also soften that tree behind the umbrella.

 If what you liked about the original photo was the tree-lined path, then all would have to again be reconsidered. ;)

Critique of Karen's original photo:


The photo is very busy with objects and contains many paths leading the eye in several directions through their value or vibrant color.
  1. One point perspective tree'd path (in high contrast) leading to far back area of image
  2. Another light path between paying man and booth leading to rear area of image.
  3. Many subjects and many vivid colors all demanding equal attention.

Karen, Thank you for allowing me to critique your photo and artwork in progress! Your painting skills are fab!
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