Sunday, February 3, 2013

ENCAUSTIC -hot beeswax painting discussion

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Some info:
Encaustic means to burn in...  It is used here as it applies to a hot beeswax painting method.
Encaustic paint:  It is a mix of beeswax, damar, high quality powdered pigments. Also companies like Enkaustikos and others now make Encaustic paint to purchase in art stores.

absorbent and firm - for instance, birch panels.   Ampersand and others now make specially coated Encaustic boards.  These boards have a white surface.

  • Paint with encaustics on a firm surface or the wax will crack and flake off.
NO ACRYLIC- not wise to mix acrylics with encaustic - 
FUMES - unless you put toxic substances into your mix, it will be similar to burning a beeswax candle.  Ventilation is highly recommended if you plan to mix up large batches of paint.

of hot tools and melted Encaustic Paint

Demonstration of fusing a top layer of "paint" 
Artwork is on a small birch wood panel

Below are 2 Encaustic works.  The Koi are on a Birch Board
The poppies are on an Ampersand Encaustic cradled panel
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