Sunday, February 3, 2013

CRITIQUE 9 - focal point

QUESTION from Dawn:
 review:It is a quick painting drawn out of imagination.  

Hi Dawn, I would be happy to review your painting.  Very unique and interesting piece!

I have done a very rough edit via photoshop -  One way to create cohesiveness and a focal point is to lower values and dull the colors around the outer edges thus leading the eye to the focal point of the.  

The image is very interesting and there is a lot of action, but that also might make it seem chaotic if the values are even across the painting...  so I suggest to darken and tone down edges and leave the brightness and most action at the focal point.  PS -  I may have darkened edges a bit too much in photoshop...  but I think the general idea is there ...  
You can tone down large areas like this with a series of thin glazes in your medium.


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