Sunday, February 3, 2013

Watermark, Copyright mark, opaque and transparent words

Watermark, Copyright mark, opaque and transparent words
create one of the below options on an image. OR create a new file with just your watermark and save it to a safe place on your computer.  Then, when you have another artwork to label, just open the image and the watermark file, copy the watermark file then paste it on the image, adjust placement and then on to the next image.

OPAQUE Watermark:
No frills opaque signature/watermark for your images in Photoshop cs2

  1. Open image
  2. Select type tool
  3. Select type color, size, style
  4. click mouse on face of image and drag to desired size
  5. type copyright symbol [ALT]+ 0169 and artist name
  6. move to desired position on image

TRANSPARENT, etc.  Watermark:
Make transparent signature/watermark
1. On open image, select the type tool and black type color.
2. click on image and drag to create type/text box.
3. Type the Copyright symbol using [ALT]+ 0169, then type artist name.
4. Highlight the text and scroll through the fonts and font size to pick desired style.
5. Move the text block to desired position.
6. Across the top of the screen click "layers" then click "layer styles"
7. Change the text "layers" Blending options and click "LIGHTEN" (text will disappear).
8. Click on the layer "style" icon at bottom of palette and select drop shadow. The text will reappear transparent within outline shadows.
9. Experiment by adding other blending style options: emboss, glow, etc. for other effects.

Below are some examples on an image of several of the items described above.
cj rider watermark

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