Sunday, February 3, 2013

CRITIQUE 3 = Ocean and Beach

images below are copyright protected to Artist Ann Cam and are not for use other than in this post as a learning tool.

The main question artist Ann Cam asked is "When can you look at a painting and say it is done?"  While happy with the overall look of the painting, Ann wondered if it needed a few more elements, like a few birds, or a lone figure.

As to the question when is a painting done... I always jokingly say "A painting is "done" in the last 10 to 15 minutes... ;)

But seriously, when you run your compositional, color, value, etc, checklists and are satisfied ... it could be done... for now anyway. 

However, as you progress as an artist you will look back at past artworks and see things you can add to sparkle it up.  So months or years later you might see how lopsided something is, or too centered, incorrect values, not detailed enough, and so on.

So, when is a painting finished?  In the last 10 or 15 minutes of painting!  Whenever that may be.    ;)

We learn from our experiences, so as we practice our skills "done" will hold a different meaning today than it did a month, or even a few days ago.

Ann's painting just needs a few touches to make it feel more finished as noted in the images below. 

To keep the eye on the canvas- slightly vignette the edges by softening forms/lines and in this case, toning down the value/lightness of said element.

For instance: see how the wave and lines (lower left) soften and are not so bright as the reach the edge of the canvas.  This will stop the eye from being lead off the canvas.  Same goes with the horizon line, I would soften and lighten it as it reached the left edge of the canvas instead of running it to the edge.

Below is an example with figure to add a human element to the painting.

Thank you for allowing me to critique your artwork.
It has been a pleasure.
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